GSM Eco Motor starter is used to operate tube-wells, electrical pumps remotely from any location in India from a mobile device . Farmers can easily get details of motor status.

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GSM Eco Motor Starter – Motor Starter (Without battery)

Now you can operate your farm motor from mobile, anytime, anywhere with KewinTech GSM Eco Motor Starter :

Facilities :
1. Direct connection to any motor starter.
2. Mobile phones can operate motor from anywhere in India.
3. When you call the mobile number of the starter, it will coordinate with you and tell you whether the motor is on or off, there is also a facility of missed call mode.
4. You will be informed by SMS and Call whether the motor is turned on, power is off and any fault.
5. How long the motor has to run, you can also set it by SMS.
6. Password protection; so that no other person can drive your motor.
7. To prevent the motor from burning, shut down the motor in all faults and prevent the motor from burning. It Will shut down the motor in the following fault and protect the motor:
-2 face lightning
-Electric face inversion
-Avoiding motor water
8. 1 year warranty.
9. Single face, two face and three phase models available.

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