Benefits of Sulphur in Crops

Benefits of Sulphur in Crops

Benefits of Sulphur in Crops

  • We use fertilizer for good crop yield, because it is difficult to have good yield without fertilizer. The biggest need for farming is the selection of the right fertilizer. It is very important to know how to identify the type of fertilizer that is beneficial for crops. Farmers in farming usually uses DAP fertilizers , urea and sometimes muriate of potash.


  • The fourth essential element in soil nutrition, which is often ignored by farmers, is resulting in a widespread deficiency of this element in the soil. Sulphur, is light yellowish white in color.
    What is the use of Sulphur in crops? And how important it is?
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Types of Sulphur

  • There are three types of Sulphur –
    Non-metal sulphate
    Metal sulphate
    Organic sulphate, which are found in form of granular, powdered and liquid.

Use of Sulphur

  • 1. Sulphur is beneficial for all crops.
  • 2. It increases the percentage of oil content in oilseeds crops.
  • 3. Sulphur acts as a tonic for plants along with the fertility of the soil as well as      pesticides.
  • 4. Sulphur increases the activity of enzymes in plants.
  • 5. Enhances the quality of tobacco, vegetables and fodder crops.
  • 6. Increases the amount of starch found in potatoes


Symptoms of Sulphur deficiency in crops

  • 1. Sulphur deficiency turns the color of plants in yellow and this deficiency begins with the upper part of the plants or on the new leaf.
  • 2. Sulphur deficiency prevents the growth of plants.
  • 3. Sulphur deficiency reduces the greenness of plants.
  • 4. Food grains crops ripen relatively late and are not able to mature.
  • 5. Purple color occurs in leaves and stem.
  • 6. In the absence of Sulphur, the plants turn yellow, green, thin and small in size and the stem of the plant becomes thin and hard.
  • 7. Lack of Sulphur reduces the color of potato leaves. What is the need of Sulphur in the plant –
    a. Sulphur is an essential part of amino acid
  •    b. These are essential for chlorophyll formation in leaves.
  •    c. It is helpful in oil and enzyme formation in plants.
  •    d. In leguminous crop they are helpful in root formation.

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