Benefits of Potash in Rice

Benefits of Potash in Rice

Benefits of Potash in Rice


What is Potassium ?

Potassium is a very important compound for plants. Potassium perform Many important functions of plants such as : osmoregulation , enzyme activation , regulation of transpiration by stomata , managing cellular pH etc.


Importance of potassium in plants ?

Plants which is deficit in potassium are not or less resistance to drought , excess water , and different temperature. Potassium deficit field catch insects, nematodes and diseases faster, rather than potassium rich areas because potassium improves allover health of growing plants.

Potassium increase the power of plants to fight against diseases. it is also known as “quality nutrient”. It is classified as a micronutrients. It regulates turgor pressure, opening and closing the stomates, and plant metabolism.

Application of potassium helps to increase yield –

1. Improve root growth and drought tolerance ability.
2. Avert water lodging and build cellulose
3. Make plant resistance to unfavorable weather.
4. Prevents the concentration of environmental pollutants in rice grain.
5. it increases the number of filled grain and grain weight of rice grain.


Potassium deficiency symptoms –

1. Plants start yellowing between the veins of leaves.
2. Potassium deficiency begins with a blotched chlorosis of the older leaves and can later occur in younger leaves too.
3. Leaf edges become brown and later spread all over the leaf.
4. Unhealthy root system , poor root oxidation power.
5. Leaves starts wilting and rolling as when temperature is high and humidity is low.


Sources of potassium ?

Potassium is a naturally accruing substance. Sometimes it called as potash.
Compost made by food byproducts is an excellent source of potassium.
Banana peel , wood ash and Green sand are very excellent organic source of potassium.


Some Potassium based fertilizers name –

Muriate of Potash (KCl) – K% 50
Potassium sulfate (K2SO4) – K% 43
Potassium nitrate (KNO3) – K% 37
Sulfate potash magnesia (K2SO4 · MgSO4) – K% 18


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