button mushroom farmer

Button Mushroom farming- Earnings in lakhs

Button Mushroom farming

Mushroom is a product that can be grown even in a room, by growing it, farmers can double their income.

In the last few years, the demand for mushroom in the Indian market has increased rapidly, due to which the demand is there in the market, it is not being produced yet, so farmers can make good profit by cultivating mushroom.

One can cultivate three types of mushrooms:

  • Button Mushroom
  • Dhingari Mushroom (Oyster Mushroom)
  • Milky Mushroom (Milky)
button mushroom farmer
Saket Shukla : +91-9120027878

Saket Shukla (See photo) – A young farmer, entrepreneur is settling his livelihood & with good fortune by his hand in mushroom farming. Click here to see his video.

He persued his degree in agriculture science. Instead of choosing a professional job life he rejected many jobs with a good pay grade and decided to start his own mushroom farm. He is inspiring many farmers for mushroom farming.

The most interesting fact is that; he is growing mushroom in an abandoned poultry farm with just a tarpaulin sheet.

Using the space effectively, he learned many things.

He has invested nearly 1 lac rupees and earning daily 3 thousand rupees. His monthly income is 1 lac rupees.

He will earn total 4 lac rupees in 4 months. So the calculation is simple; Invest a lac rupees and earn 4 lac rupees at least.

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