Mint or Mentha – Varieties, HYVs


Mint Varieties

  1.       MAS-1 The plants are dwarf and early maturing. This variety
          gives 50% more oil yield with higher menthol content
          (80-85) and yields 200 q/ha of herbage and 125 kg oil
          / ha .It should not be used when ratooning is to be
  2.       Kalka (HY-77) The plants are somewhat taller than MAS-1. This
          variety shares many of its characteristics with MAS-1
          and is tolerant to several fungal diseases including
          leaf spot and rust diseases. The essential oil has
          more than 80% of menthol. Kalka matures early. The
          crop of Kalka yields about 250 q/ha of herbage and
          150 kg oil/ha. The variety Kalka is not recommended
          for ratooning. It is especially well adapted to the
          areas adjoining Lucknow, Sitapur and Barabanki
          where soils are sandy loam and climate is somewhat
          drier than that of the tarai region.
  3.       Shivalik It is an introduction from China. This variety is highly
          suitable for obtaining second cut through ratooning.
          The herbage yield is 300q/ha while the essential oil
          yield amounts to about 180 kg/ha with a low menthol
          content (70%). Shivalik is highly sensitive to the
          fungal diseases and pests prevailing in the tarai
  4.       Himalaya This variety yields high amount of essential oil and is
          not susceptible to pests and diseases. Like Shivalik,
          Himalaya can be ratooned for two cuts of herbage.
          Much like MAS-1 and Kalka, it can be used in areas
          and conditions where only one cut of herbage can be
          taken. The yield of herbage is 400q/ha and essential
          oil is 250 kg/ ha. Its oil is of high quality with menthol
          content of 80%.

Japanese Mint or Menthol Mint ( Mentha arvensis)
Variety Description

  1. Hybrid 77 It is a tall vigorous compact growing variety. It
    produces 762q/ha of fresh herb, 468 kg oil/ha
    containing 81.5% menthol (obtained from 3 cuts). It
    is highly resistant to rust diseases.
  2. EC-41911 This is an erect type variety, which is less affected by
    rains. It produces 236.5 q/ha of herbage and 125.2
    kg/ha of oil with 705 menthol. This oil is preferred in
    food flavours.
  3.                                                                 Spearmint (Mentha spicata).
    MSS-1 It is a selection from spearmint cultivars introduced
    from USA. It produces fresh herbage of 535q/ha and
    yield 253 kg of oil in 3 cuttings containing 60%
  4. MSS-5 It is a selection from MSS-1, which yields 690q/ha of
    oil in 3 cuttings. It has 70% of carvone in the oil.
  5. Punjab Spearmint-1 It is an erect growing variety producing 209 q/ha of
    herb containing 0.57% oil. The oil yields 119.29
    litres/ha containing 68% carvone.
  6.                                                                    Bergamot Mint (Mentha citrata)
    Kiran The variety produces 239 kg of oil with 48% linalool,
    over 172 kg and 39% linalool over parent

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