waste decomposer

Waste Decomposer – Preparation, Directions for Use

waste decomposer

The single bottle decomposes bio-waste of more
than 10000 metric tons just in 30 days !

Waste Decomposer – Directions for Use


Mass Multiplication
1. Mix 2 kg of jaggery in 200 liter of water in a container and stir well
2. Open the bottle and pour the contents of bottle into the solution (avoid direct contact of contents with hands)
3. Stir the contents of the container and cover it with a paper/cardboard etc and
stir it daily once within 4 days the material is ready


1. Spread 1 ton of compost as layer on a plastic sheet placed under shade
2. Sprinkle 20 liter of the above prepared solution over the compost layer
3. Spread one more layer of compost above the existing layer
4. Sprinkle 20 liter of the solution over the compost layer
5. Use the solution for 10 compost layers
6. Maintain 60% moisture during entire period of composting
7.Turn over the compost at 7 day interval

The compost is ready to use after 30 days

Foliar Spray
Spray the preparation on the standing crop for 4 times at 10 days interval

Drip irrigation
Mix the preparation in water required
for 1 acre and use it for drip irrigation.

In-Situ Composting of Crop Residue
Spray the preparation on the post-harvest stalks of crop plants of 1 acre land and
leave it for decomposition

Seed Treatment
1. Wear gloves; 2. Content of 1 bottle is thoroughly mixed with 30 g jaggery and
used to treat 20 kg seeds
3. Leave the treated seeds under shade for 30 minutes
4. After 30 min. the seeds are ready for sowing

For regular disease control, spray the preparation on standing crop once in a month.


For further details:
(Ministry of Agriculture & Farmers Welfare, Government of India)
Hapur Road, Kamla Nehru Nagar, Ghaziabad-201002
Phone : 0120-2764906, 2764212: Fax 0120-2764901 Email : [email protected]; Website : http://ncof.dacnet.nic.in

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  1. How to use WDC for 30 kg paddy seeds, for seed treatment?
    Water, WDC, jaggery ratio. When to mix.? How long to wait?

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