Black Wheat

Black Wheat explained – Seed, Flour, Price

Black Wheat explained – Seed, Flour, Price in India

Black wheat is variety of wheat which is rich in nutrients and minerals. It contains extra protein, iron & zinc. The price of Black wheat is costly than the regular wheat variety available in India.



Wheat has been used by everyone in food till now. Now scientists have prepared black wheat. It will be beneficial in the form of medicine as well as increasing the income of farmers.

The district has started growing black wheat. Farmers can cultivate black wheat and get more production. Apart from this, people can also avoid all diseases by eating black wheat.

Black wheat has been patented by the National Agri Food Biotechnology Institute (NABI) Mohali after 7 years of research. This wheat has been named ‘Nabi MG’ by NABI. Let me tell you, this wheat with black, blue and purple color is many times more nutritious than common wheat.

Black wheat will be helpful in prevention of stress, obesity, cancer, diabetes and heart related diseases. Explain that this research was done in Mohali under the leadership of Dr. Monica Garg since 2010. While the amount of anthocyanin in common wheat is 5 to 15 passes per million, 40 to 140 passes per million are found in black wheat.

Anthocyanin provides health benefits like fruits like blue berry. It removes free radicals from the body and prevents heart, cancer, diabetes, obesity and other diseases. The amount of zinc in it is also high.

Characteristics of Black Wheat: This wheat is much more nutritious than ordinary wheat and in terms of quality it is kept equal to the fruit called Blueberries. Let us know the benefits of consuming it.

Stress: In today’s time almost every person is suffering from stress or is facing it somewhere. To get out of stress, he takes new medicines every day, as a result of which, after some time, when the effect of these medicines starts to dissipate, then the suffering person shifts his tendency towards new medicines, meaning The situation gets worse. Here black wheat has brought a ray of hope to end this terrible disease like stress. Research has shown that very positive results of its use have been found on a person suffering from stress.

Obesity: Research has found very encouraging results of black wheat in controlling obesity.

Cancer: Cancer is a disease for which no permanent treatment has been available yet, at this time black wheat has emerged as a better option in the form of food supplements for all those people when medicines are available to control this disease are failing.

Diabetes or Diabetes: This is a disease that has spread to all the progressive countries of the world in India and other countries, and the irony is that in spite of many expensive medicines, its permanent treatment is not available yet, even here Research has shown positive results on the person suffering from black wheat experiment.

Heart Disease: Increasing heart disease is a result of our lifestyle, in the name of modern life, we are losing our healthy body capital. Isan is struggling to keep his body healthy with expensive treatment, which does not guarantee a healthy life despite much expense. Research on heart patients has yielded very meaningful results in the case of black wheat.

The amount of anthocyanin is high: Black wheat has higher amount of anthocyanin than normal wheat. Pigments in normal wheat have five to 15 ppm, while black wheat has a pigment volume of 40 to 140 ppm. Anthocyanin acts as an antioxidant. It also contains more zinc

Beneficial for farmers: If farmers do black wheat, it is beneficial from both sides. If farmers use food, they will stay healthy and even sell, then the farmer will get a higher rate. The normal wheat in the market is 1800 to 1900 rupees. Black wheat seed is being sold from 70 to 170 rupees per kg. If you sell normally in the market, you will get at least Rs 3500 per quintal.

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