swaminathan report

What is Swaminathan Report? Not everyone knows this !

What is Swaminathan Report? Not everyone knows this !


In order to improve the condition of the farmers of the country, NATIONAL COMMISSION ON FARMERS was established on 18 November 2004, headed by MS SWAMINATHAN.

In just two years from 2004 to 2006, this Commission prepared its 5 reports and gave it to the government, but even after 14 years, no government has acted on it till date.

Some important points of this report are as follows:

1. Land Reforms – The vacant land lying with the government or the people who have more than the required land which is lying vacant, should be distributed among the landless farmers and allowed to graze cattle in tribal areas.

2. Irrigation Improvement– He expressed concern on this and suggested that the government should develop new methods of storing water and ensure that there is a good system of water, when there is a good system of water then crop production And will increase.

3. Farmers Commission should be established at the state level as well, in which the problems faced by farmers should be discussed and resolved.

4. Credit and insurance- In this report, it has been said that the loan given to the farmers at any time should be given a loan at a rate 4% lower than the interest rate running at that time, and if the farmer has taken a loan from a bank, if If his crop is not good, he should not be forced to pay the loan, he should be given a short time, and talked about creating a Nature Disaster Fund in each state.

5. Farmers should get 50% more price for their crops by removing the cost on their crops, Swaminathan said this key point of this report.

6. The matter of storing grains with proper arrangements is also included in this report, on which he said that many grains rot due to lack of proper maintenance, causing great loss to farmers.

7. SOIL TESTING LABORATORY should be established in every city and every town of the country, and farmers should be informed about which crops can be grown properly on their land so that farmers can get more benefits.


Some more highlights of the recommendations:

Farmers should get fifty percent more than the cost of crop production.

– Good quality seeds should be provided to farmers at low prices.

– Village Knowledge Center or Gyan Chaupal should be set up to help farmers in villages.

– Kisan Credit Cards should be issued for women farmers.

– Agricultural Risk Fund should be created for farmers, so that farmers can get help in case of natural calamities.

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