classification of seeds in india

Categories of Seeds – Seeds in India

Categories of seeds – There are four major categories of seeds in India namely :

  • Nucleus seed

  • Breeder seed

  • Foundation seed

  • Certified seed


  • Nucleus seed – This seed is initial variety with 100 % genetic and physical purity. This seed produced by Original plant breeder. A pedigree certificate is issued by the producing breeder. This seed is not for sell so it doesn’t contain any type of tag. It produce Breeder seed.


  • Breeder seed – This seed is progeny of nucleus seed. This seed is 100% genetically pure with physical purity. It is produced by Qualify plant breeder and sponsored breeder in a research institute of Agriculture university and monitored by State seed certification agency. A golden yellow colour tag issued for this category of seed by producing breeder.


  • Foundation seed – This is progeny of Breeder seed . This seed is produced by National seed corporation, state seed corporation, corporative society and private sector. For this seed 99.5% genetic and 98% physical purity requires. The certification is essential in this type of seed and seed get certified from seed certification agency. A white colour tag is issued for foundation seed. This seed is also known as mother seed.


  • Certified seed – This seed is progeny of foundation seed.
    seed is produced by NSC, SSC, and private sector in the supervision of Seed certification agency to maintain the genetic and physical purity. A azar blue colour tag is issued by seed certification agency. This seed produce commercial seed.

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